Mountain Bike Blast up the Bundy

Sun is out, washing is on the line so we’re off for a quick mountain bike ride before our guest arrivals – a blast up the Bundy.

The Bundy is in the back of Greymouth – Camerons, just south of the Greymouth township but before the Taramakau bridge heading south on SH6.  First stop Do Duck Inn Bakery for some fuel – wholemeal ham knott for now and an apple turnover as a reward for the end of the ride.

Ziggy and Nico are with us and ready and rearing to go.  We’re had rain overnight so hopefully this will make the track hard and fast……

Ziggy and Nico waiting on the Bundy single track, West Coast, NZ

First section is a grind, drop into a low gear and grind away up the rocky 4WD track and negotiate our way over loose boulders.  Made it – that gives the legs a good warm up.  Next 10 minutes or so is a gradual climb up to the ridge of the Bundy where we hit the single track.  It is true single track now.  Doesn’t look like anyone has been up here for a while – don’t know why.  If we lived closer it would be a “once a week” ride for sure!  There is heaps of growth with the last few weeks being really dry and then some rain over the last two days.  All the plants are in flower and the blackberry bushes, gorse and thistles are overgrown and determined to try to keep some skin……

mountain biking Bundy track, Greymouth, West Coast, NZ

It is beautiful up in the bush – the track meanders around the ridgeline amongst the trees and grass with occasional gullies to the left.  They are on the right also but you are a bit oblivious to those as they are hidden by the bush.

We join back up with the 4WD track – old logging roads as we’re now on the tops in the pine forestry block.  At the junction we make the decision to head down through the middle and climb back up Gordies Mistake – basically doing our usual ride in reverse.

Stephen heads off to enjoy the long downhill.  It swoops down and thanks to the recent rain, isn’t too loose in the rocks.  Jan stays back with the dogs keeping at their pace.  Fast enough – they like to think they can run fast with you – don’t like to be left behind.  Nico is gorgeous to follow – he is a big boy and he bounds down the hill with his butt bouncing from side to side – GORGEOUS!  Ziggy is our tail-end Charlie but only just!

Bundy mountain bike track, West Coast, NZ

We meet back up with Stephen at the bottom and head along a logging access road, meandering along the valley floor through plantation forest and native forest before starting our climb up Gordies Mistake.  Drop back into a low gear – this is going to be a grind.

Whew – what a grind it is today.  Don’t know if it is partially due to last night’s swim but the legs are suffering on this one – sounds like a good excuse so we’ll stick with it!  Seems to take much longer than either of us remember.  Course the dogs don’t have any problems at all bounding up the hill in 4 paw drive.  It is a 4WD logging road that isn’t really used much any more so a few boulders in places and loose rocks.  There are some short sharp steep sections as it meanders up the hill back to the ridgeline.  We plod along and eventually reach the tops with a short fun downhill to meet with the forestry access road again – the same one we junctioned on to head down the middle.  We then had an easy ride along the gravel road before meeting back up with the Bundy single track.

Blast on the Bundy mountain bike track, West Coast, NZ

It may be a little grind coming up but it is a great fun peddle to go back down.  Fast and flowy and thanks again to the recent rain, hard and fast today.  Have to remember to watch for the blackberry bush, thistles and gorse but otherwise it is a fun blast back to the car.

Loaded and ready to head for home – where is our reward – ah, yummy, apple turnover – perfect finish to a fun ride on the West Coast.

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Punakaiki Coastline north of Greymouth.  Rated #1 on Tripadvisor for B&B accommodation in the Greymouth area. Check out their activities page for other mountain biking rides on the West Coast.

About coastingnz

Jan and Stephen live on the Punakaiki coastline, north of Greymouth on the West Coast, NZ and run Breakers Boutique Accommodation. They both enjoy the outdoors and are passionate about things to see and do on the West Coast and would like to share their experiences with you.
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1 Response to Mountain Bike Blast up the Bundy

  1. hnparsons says:

    Hi Jan, Nice to catch up with you and Stephen again via your blog. I’m not getting as much of a chance to get out on the bike as I used to as I am mum to a 20 month old. Heaps of fun and a great wee cyclist already. Hope things are good with you guys. Sure looks it. Take care, Helena


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