Pre rain ride to stretch the legs

The single speeds – Bundy spring mtb ride

schamattered – is that a word!?  That’s how the bod feels though after completion of a pre rain ride.  Stephen took the dogs to the beach while I attended to guest breakfasts and then while I did my goodbyes and cleaned up from breakie, Stephen loaded the car with the bikes ready for a ride.

Rain was forecast for the afternoon so we were hoping to beat it before settling down to watch the NRL final.

enjoying a spring mtb ride up Bundy

We parked up in Greymouth, rode part of the flood wall out to the tip head and then along the Greymouth cycle/walkway out to Paroa.  I want to say we then zoomed out along the main highway but given that we were single speeding today, zooming isn’t really the right description!  Thankfully there was a tailwind so it was a fast spin along the highway – trying not to let the brain think about the headwind we were going to have to contend with for the ride back……

Bundy mtb ride, West Coast

Wasn’t long before we were climbing into the Bundy at Camerons.  The Bundy is nestled between plantation pine forest on the outskirts of Greymouth.  Starts out with 4WD forestry roads before turning to flowing single track – gradually climbing to meet the forestry road again.  We then blast down the forestry access road back to the main Bundy road and back to the highway.  The whole time we were riding out we were watching the cloud rolling in from the sea – getting darker and darker.  Fingers crossed that it was going to hold out long enough for our ride.

spring riding on the West Coast – Bundy

We had some sprinkles of rain on the Bundy section and slightly heavier once we were at our furthest point from the car – of course!  Wasn’t too bad though but the headwind…… wow!  That was hard work.  Most of the highway section is pretty straight and flat – quite demoralising when you look ahead and your destination point just doesn’t seem to get any closer.  Head down, pounding the pedals we eventually get back to Paroa and rejoin the cycleway.  Thankfully it is a little more sheltered along here and we pump our legs to get us back to the flood wall and back to the car as quickly as possible – and it was by no means fast!

Finally back though, just in time before the rain hit proper.  Rewarded with a filled roll and apple turnover from Do Duck Inn – almost made the ride worth it!

yes that’s Jan about to high five with Billy Slater!, Melborne Storm

Right let’s get that washing in and settle in for the NRL – go the Storm!!!!

Jan and Stephen from Breakers Boutique Accommodation, 14kms north of Greymouth on the Punakaiki Coastline.  Check out their website for other activities and things to see and do while visiting the West Coast.


About coastingnz

Jan and Stephen live on the Punakaiki coastline, north of Greymouth on the West Coast, NZ and run Breakers Boutique Accommodation. They both enjoy the outdoors and are passionate about things to see and do on the West Coast and would like to share their experiences with you.
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