A Climb up Mt Davy

views from Mt Searle

Oh my gosh, my poor body aches, my toes ache from being squashed in shoes – I’m usually barefoot for most of the day.  My quads are screaming at me and I feel like if I sit down for too long I may not be able to stand up again – tomorrow morning is going to hurt!

Why you may ask is she whingeing……. well today my husband tried to kill me………. I’d been getting over a flu bug and today probably felt my best for a good couple of weeks.  Beautiful day and we had some free time between guests so we thought we’d get out of the house and get some fresh air.  I said to Stephen I didn’t think I was ready for a bike ride yet so let’s go for a walk somewhere…… famous last words!  Five hours later we get back to our vehicle.


We decided to tackle Mt Davy.  This is the peak in the back of Greymouth that is home to all the transmission towers for power, cellphone, telephone, sky etc.  We had attempted it accidental around 7 years ago and only got about half way up – we weren’t really expecting to do any better today.

The boys were keen to get out for a good run but first we had to find the track.  It starts in behind the historic Brunner mine site, about 10kms north-east of Greymouth, just past Taylorville.  This isn’t a maintained DOC track but there is obvious signs that some dedicated locals are taking care of it and keeping it open.


Off we trudge. It starts out a gradual climb but before long is more of a clamber up, up, up and away – if only we could fly to the top.  Stephen steams on ahead while I have to stop periodically to catch my breath.  They boys are very happy – lots of smells and it is great to be in the great outdoors.  They love these little adventures.

The terrain looks familiar – I think we made it at least this far up on our first accidental attempt.  We honestly thought we weren’t that far from the top on that occasion…… we were wrong – oh so very wrong.  To say we were half way I think would be an over-estimation!  Onwards we go – we didn’t want to admit defeat – not again, not to have come this far……..


Stephen disappears into the distance – it doesn’t take long, the terrain is getting steeper and steeper and the bush more and more dense.  It is beautiful in here though.  I have to take a break.  Thankfully we were semi prepared with a cut lunch.  I eat half my sandwich – I’m starving and need the energy boost.  Ziggy comes back to find me and keep me company or maybe it was the smell of the sandwich and the knowing look that I’ll succumb even in my starving state to share a little with him.


Off we go again – Stephen hasn’t come back yet so I’m thinking surely we must be near the top.  I round the corner and he is sitting there waiting for me.  Come on he says, can’t be too much further.  Again underestimation as we must have walked for another 20 minutes before we finally popped out of the bush line – HORAAH!  We’ve made it to the access road – but wait, there’s more – it continues up.  We can see the transmitter stations off in the distance.


With renewed enthusiasm we trudge onwards and upwards.  Finally we get to a decent lookout point….. yes the views are definitely worth the effort.  magnificent puts it mildly.  It is like being on top of a mountain – oh wait – we are!


The transmitters are still about a kilometre away – we can’t come all this way and not go the tops.  A little more climbing – it is easy though as it is a sealed road.  Time for a couple of quick photos and we better start making our way down.  Goodness knows how long that might take us.  The road section is actually longer than we think but soon we find the marker post that directs us back into the bush for the trudge down through the forest.



It always amazes me how quickly time goes by coming downhill verses going up.  Our quads start to burn though as it is a constant pounding motion on our legs – something they’re aren’t use to I have to say.  We have not been doing enough walking of late – especially hill walks.  Think this is really going to hurt tomorrow.

Finally we hear the traffic on the road below and see our vehicle through the trees – almost there.  Quietly satisfied – chuffed actually to have finally made the top and full of bravado for doing more mountain climbing…….. until the next time…….

The Roberts family (complete with two dogs Nico and Ziggy) run Breakers Boutique accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth and love to get out and explore the many wonders that are part of the West Coast.


About coastingnz

Jan and Stephen live on the Punakaiki coastline, north of Greymouth on the West Coast, NZ and run Breakers Boutique Accommodation. They both enjoy the outdoors and are passionate about things to see and do on the West Coast and would like to share their experiences with you.
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3 Responses to A Climb up Mt Davy

  1. bulldog says:

    You brave woman.. to take that on after a bout of flu… but I’m sure the rewards made it all worth it… the first time I climbed Table Mountain in the cape, we decided to take what we thought was the easy route… a road part of the way… how wrong we were.. it was the longest route and up all the way… nearly died… the second time took a more direct route up the steeper portions and found it just so much easier… loved this post.. thank you…

    • coastingnz says:

      Thanks for that Bulldog – it was certainly an effort but a worthwhile effort for the views. Love reading your posts and seeing all that gorgeous wildlife. Cheers jan

  2. I wanna say thanks for posting this fantastic information. Keep up this good work. I’ll subscribe to your blog also. Thanks!

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