Charming Creek Walkway – A charming ride through history

Railway cutting charming creek walkway

lower Ngakawau gorge charming creek walkway

Had a hot date today – haven’t been together much lately…… a sneaky hour here and there over the last month.  Nothing like the time we usually have together.  Good to see him again, I’d missed him.  Don’t know if so happy to see me – not for the longer get-together anyway.  Threw me round a bit but embraced me all the same…….

My date – well my Niner mountain bike of course – just to clarify in case your mind was heading elsewhere!  We’ve had a busy season at the b&b so it has been hard to get any real time on my bike but today we had the morning free so headed north to catch up with another old friend, Craig in Westport.

Cutting and railway track Charming creek walkway

The weather man was indecisive with his report so we chose Charming Creek walkway for today’s ride as it didn’t matter what the weather did it would still be a good ride, rain or fine.  Charming Creek walkway is north of Westport, heading towards Karamea and starts in the little seaside village of Ngakawau.

The Verandah charming creek walkway

The weather stayed nice for us – really mild, mainly overcast and pockets of sunshine – perfect riding conditions.

Watson's mill site on charming creek walkway

Watson's Mill Site, Charming Creek walkway

The Charming creek walkway is filled with history, following the railway cutting from Ngakawau to Seddonville – all old saw mills and coal mining areas.  Most of the bush is regenerated native forest and there are heaps of relics along the way and information boards to fill you in on some of the history of the region.

Mumm's mill site on charming creek walkway

Mumm's Mill Site, Charming creek walkway

We bike as far as Mumm’s Mill Site where we take a breather and have a bite to eat before heading back the way we came.

The track follows the banks of the Charming Creek, through the Lower Ngakawau Gorge and then the Upper Ngakawau Gorge, through tunnels, past the impressive Mangatini Falls, along the river flat and across suspension bridges.

tunnel Ngakawau gorge railway charming creek walkway

The verandah on Charming creek walkway

It is a track filled with everything and something for everyone.

The dogs love it – plenty of running time and are super well-behaved running just beside us or at our back wheel – perfect trail running dogs!

Railway tracks and cutting Charming Creek walkway

Back to the car and we’re all smiles – a good time had by all and great to be back out on the bike.  The West Coast – where else would I rather be!

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  They love to get out exploring – hiking and biking with their two dogs and enjoy sharing their experiences and love of the West Coast with their guests.  Check out their activities page or other blog postings for things to see and do should you find yourself visiting the area.


About coastingnz

Jan and Stephen live on the Punakaiki coastline, north of Greymouth on the West Coast, NZ and run Breakers Boutique Accommodation. They both enjoy the outdoors and are passionate about things to see and do on the West Coast and would like to share their experiences with you.
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