Morning Meander up the 10 Mile Valley

Sand stone cliffs up 10 mile valley

Ever do a walk that you’ve done a million times and suddenly it seems more beautiful than you remember – you notice things you haven’t noticed before.  That is what our morning walk up the 10 mile delivered for us.

sheer cliffs and native bush up 10 mile valley

We’ve walked up this valley, biked up this valley and even run up this valley (I know – me running, scary thought!).  Sometimes though we forget to look around – or in this case forget to look up.

10 mile creek bed

The morning started slightly overcast but very mild.  We didn’t want to travel too far so just headed up the road to the 10 mile valley – we live at 9 mile so an easy drive.  We have to drive as it is on the main state highway, coastal drive, nice and narrow roads and we have the dogs with us – of course.  Can’t go anywhere without our boys!

10 mile valley walk

This is an easy walk, follow an old 4WD access road to an historic coal mining area up the valley.  The road follows the 10 mile creek – hence aptly named 10 mile valley (we are very inventive in NZ with our place names!).

NZ Native bush at our doorstep

The road meanders along a cliff face – gorgeous sand stone and there is an abundance of native bush.  Our summer and start to autumn has been incredibly dry so the creek bed is easy to access in places.  Stephen spots some great photo opportunities and now that he has his pack horse sussed out for his camera gear aka his loving wife……. he can get up close and personal for some photography.

10 mile creek 10 mile valley

flowing waters of the 10 mile creek

Down to the creek bed – the boys don’t mind, they get to chase some sticks and stones while waiting on Dad.  Good excuse for the drink too.

native bush amongst the 10 mile creek

This is an easy outing for us all – flat valley walk but time is of the essence and we need to head for home ready for tonight’s guests.

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  Together with Nico and Ziggy their faithful companions, they love to get out and explore the West Coast and enjoy sharing these adventures with anyone that will listen.

About coastingnz

Jan and Stephen live on the Punakaiki coastline, north of Greymouth on the West Coast, NZ and run Breakers Boutique Accommodation. They both enjoy the outdoors and are passionate about things to see and do on the West Coast and would like to share their experiences with you.
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6 Responses to Morning Meander up the 10 Mile Valley

  1. Always love shots of moss and water. Immediately relaxes me. And I get the need to slow down and look.


  2. bulldog says:

    I love these photos… such a peaceful looking place… magnificent..


    • coastingnz says:

      Thanks – it is a peaceful place although sometimes the pace we walk we forget to look around. Colours and light at the moment give us cause to stop a while and we are well rewarded.


      • bulldog says:

        When walking on trails such as that one really needs to take your time… I know you’ve walked it before, and familiarity makes one forget to look around… I’m speaking from experience… done it myself so many times, take a walk only to hear others at the end point talk of things I never saw… gives meaning to “take time to smell the roses”


  3. coastingnz says:

    agreed. Now that the light is better for photography we are going slower and looking around more. Amazing what you see.


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