Mt George – On Top of the World

Work with me here – we’re singing again……to the tune of the Carpenters this time “on top of the world”…….

atop mt george west coast

Such a feelings coming over me, I see wonder in most everything I see, not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eye and I won’t be surprised if it’s a dream…….I’m on the top of the world looking, down on creation and the only explanation I can see…….

bush line mt george hike

rock face mt george walk

Wozie! What a day – a typical West Coast winter’s day with clear blue sunny skies.  While much of the rest of the country has rain, flooding and snow, here on the wonderful West Coast we are basking in the sunshine.  I can gloat – we’ll get our turn for rain come Spring so Winter we live it up to the max.

hike Mt George

Mt George – what can I say.  I’ve blogged about it before but considering how gorgeous the views are and what a fab walk it is we don’t walk it anywhere near often enough.  Stephen and I have made a pact though – we are going to be doing this much more often.

views to picnic spot great coast road

Our friends Bernie and Gerard from Franz Josef are visiting for the weekend and we were really hoping for a good day to take them to the top of Mt George.  We can see it from home and it is just one of those walks you have to experience to believe.  Looking from home it looks like it is going to be a mission – an all day mission.  It is deceptive though and while it is a grunt getting up there, it is quite doable.

hiking Mt George

hike up Mt George

The track has got a little overgrown since we were last up here – it certainly isn’t a well maintained DOC track for all abilities.  Following a ridgeline with steep drop offs and a crag in the rock you have to pick your way up.  I wouldn’t say it is a walk for the faint hearted.  Persevere though and you are well rewarded.

views great coast road west coast

tasman sea towards punakaiki

There are views after views after views.  Don’t know about you but I never get sick of a sea view and these views do not disappoint.  You can see to the north towards Punakaiki and Westport and back to the south towards Greymouth and Hokitika and the expanse of the Southern Alps including Mt Cook and Mt Tasman.

Bernie hiking Mt George

Mt George walk West Coast

resting Mt George hike

hiking Mt George West Coast

snow capped mountains mt george

The hike starts with a bit of a bush walk, then out into mountain scrub.  Track can be hard to see in places as easily overgrown – especially when it is just a few locals that go up here generally and it is up to us to maintain it.  Next trip we’ll bring some loppers to cut things back a little.  The cool thing is looking up and seeing just where we’re aiming for.  Bit of a rock face to clamber around and then picking our way up the crag.  Once here it is more open and loose shingle type rock.  Extreme caution is required before we finally reach the top – the trig itself.  Now we can see in all directions – even right over the back and into Mt Davy which is caked in a layer of snow.  You wouldn’t know though, it is surprisingly warm up here and just beautiful…..

Mt George and Tasman Sea

Bernie & Gerard Mt George

Jan and Stephen Mt George

mt george views to tasman sea

Great Coast Road views Mt George

Truly beautiful.  After some posing for photos and a bite to eat it is time to start making our way back down.  Gently does it – I definitely find it easier coming up than going down.  Funny sensation coming down when it is so open and you have drop offs either side – I feel like a giant.  We all stay low to the ground and just take out time.

Mt George views West Coast

hiking down mt george

mt george west coast hike

Before we know it we are back down into the scrub.  We look back up – wow were we really just up there – cool!

views to mt george trig

Back into the trees and we pop back out at the roadside.  Mission accomplished.  Good job everyone.  A nice morning’s jaunt.

Tasman sea views Mt George walk

Now back to the Carpenters and singing….

I’m on the top of the world looking, down on creation and the only explanation I can see, is that I live in paradise and I’m as lucky as can be, West Coast your beauty puts me at the top of the world.

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  They enjoy exploring the many wonders that make up the West Coast and sharing their adventures.  Check  out their other blog postings or activities page on their website for other suggestions for things to see and do when you visit the West Coast of the Southern Alps.


About coastingnz

Jan and Stephen live on the Punakaiki coastline, north of Greymouth on the West Coast, NZ and run Breakers Boutique Accommodation. They both enjoy the outdoors and are passionate about things to see and do on the West Coast and would like to share their experiences with you.
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7 Responses to Mt George – On Top of the World

  1. bulldog says:

    I’m just wondering don’t you need help in the Accommodation… my wife and I will happily come and help… what a beautiful place… I’m gob-smacked….


  2. Whoa… that’s quite some downhill trail. No switchbacks there! –Curt


    • coastingnz says:

      It looks tempting from the photos for mountain biking but it is hard enough walking – you’d be doing a lot of bike carrying on this one. One to enjoy with two feet on the ground! LOL


  3. Richard Hsieh says:

    Would you shed some light on how to get to the entrance of the trail? I brought my kids over 10miles creek today and couldn’t find any sign about where the starting point of the trail is…

    Liked by 1 person

    • coastingnz says:

      Hi Richard,ok hopefully this makes sense. Not a signed track so you’ll have to work with me here. Drive across 10 mile bridge, head up main highway. First house on left and round corner is another driveway. We normally park on the roadside right here (basically opposite the slip on the right). Walk back towards the driveway and on the other side of the road is a grey marker post 50 something – I can never remember if 53, 54 or 56. Basically right where that market post is you step into the bush and the track becomes obviously. It takes a short climb up the hill make sure you stay to the left as if you go right the track just finishes. To the left it will go over a log and small creek and then climb up the hillside. It can be very very slippery in the wet and I would not recommend after rain – you’ll need a few good days of fine weather to dry things out. Extreme caution at all times as you basically climb up the ridge line – drop-offs to both sides. Is super awesome though. Hope you find it and enjoy the views. Cheers Jan


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