Winter Sunset at Nine Mile Beach

Sun is going down – we’re off to the beach.  Dogs are excited, Dad is getting the camera gear ready.   Come on Dad, come on, let’s get going…….

There is always much excitement in our household once the boys know we’re heading to the beach – this is almost more exciting than being fed….. almost!  We have to be pretty organised or be well prepared to be “annoyed” for the duration of trying to find jackets, beanies and camera gear before we head off.

Nico on the track to the beach from Breakers

Ok, we’re out the door, Ziggy barking at our heals and Nico doing his little “bottom jump” as we head to the track to the beach.  The boys run ahead always beating us to the bottom of the track and onto the beach.  So many smells – there might be some new ones from this morning after all.

rockpools and mussel beds Nine Mile beach

Through the creek as we’re heading out to the rock pools tonight to watch the sun go down.  Winter is an awesome time on the West Coast and when we get some of our best sunsets.

The rock pools are constantly changing so every time we head out there it is like going on a new adventure.  Sometimes you need your balance shoes on and rock hop and other times it is like walking along a sandy ridgeline – all depending on the tides and surf as to how much sand has filled in the rocks.

Many of the rocks are covered in mussel beds – ranging in size from tiny babies to huge “eat me now” ones.  It is a popular place for the locals to head out with their buckets and get a feed.

sunset off the rocks Great Coast Road

sundown mussel point Breakers

We’re here for just one purpose though – well two actually, photos and the sunset.

sunsetting Nine Mile beach and rock pools

Once the sun drops into the sea we stay for some more colour to come through – often it can be more dramatic than the actual sunset.   Not so much tonight though but it is still gorgeous out here and we all enjoy meandering amongst the rocks in the light of dusk.

tidal pools and starfish off nine mile

starfish on the rocks

There are plenty of starfish around too – some rather large fellas lurking in the shadows of the rocks.

Amazing how once the sun has gone down it often actually gets lighter.  Don’t know if that makes sense – but try it sometime if you haven’t already – you might be pleasantly surprised.

Nine mile creek to Tasman Sea Nine Mile beah

Anyway time to head back to the house – we never remember to bring a torch with us and while it may be light enough to negotiate the rocks the track back up to the house is always darker with the trees and shrubs. Back across the creek – time for dinner for us and bed for the boys – they’re happy, they’ve had their adventure……

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  They enjoy getting out and exploring the West Coast and sharing their experiences.  Rated #1 on Tripadvisor for accommodation in their area.

About coastingnz

Jan and Stephen live on the Punakaiki coastline, north of Greymouth on the West Coast, NZ and run Breakers Boutique Accommodation. They both enjoy the outdoors and are passionate about things to see and do on the West Coast and would like to share their experiences with you.
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8 Responses to Winter Sunset at Nine Mile Beach

  1. Gorgeous photos. I can’t wait to visit your country.

  2. I always love the enthusiasm that dogs show when the word “walk” is mentioned. It is positively catching. Great sunset photos. As for staring into tide pools, I never tire of it. We just did our stint of tide pooling on Kodiak Island in Alaska. –Curt

    • coastingnz says:

      You are right about the dogs Curt – although we don’t even have to mention the word, it is what we pick up in our room, the shoes we put on or the beanie from the drawer – any of those is enough to start them off. Sometimes it is even the time of day – they have incredible body clocks – walk time, food time. Look forward to seeing some of your Alaskan photos…..

  3. bulldog says:

    I love this blog… nip down to the beach for the sunset… you must have some magnificent sunsets in you library…

    • coastingnz says:

      Thanks Bulldog. We do have some great sunsets in our library. Your blog on sunrises inspired me to finally post about our sunsets – so thanks! 🙂

      • bulldog says:

        Got a post pre-set for one of the next few days of our sun rises over the sea that I took on our East coast… you should enjoy them and be able to equate them to your sunsets… always good over the sea…
        Still on the road but find I can catch up a bit on the move…

  4. coastingnz says:

    Look forward to seeing them.

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