Mountain biking Cockeyed Creek – a Voyage of Rediscovery

in the bush cock eyed creek mtb ride

ok, so maybe voyage isn’t quite the right word but I thought it made for a good Headline! Definitely a ride of rediscovery though.

cockeyed creek mtb ride

Great to be back out on the bike as we headed inland from Greymouth to check out an old mountain bike haunt, the cock eyed creek ride. We used to ride this often – quite technical, a good test of skill but due to erosion and previous storm damage it had become quite overgrown and pretty much unrideable.

It’s always been a favourite trail for the local 4 wheel drive club though so we were hoping they had been in and cleaned it out a bit – we were not disappointed as they had done a sterling job.

crossing the creek cockeyed creek mtb ride

Cockeyed creek is definitely a ride of contrasts with rocks, boulders, creek crossings, mud – glorious mud, HUGE puddles – ok, more like bogs but lots and lots of fun.

4wd track cock eyed creek mtb ride

in the thick of it cockeyed creek mtb ride

boulders, rocks, mud and water cock eyed creek mtb ride

We didn’t really know what to expect – not knowing how far we were going to get and what we would come up against. The trail had definitely changed a little from the last time it was completely rideable and there were occasions where we just kind of stood there – looking and thinking mmmm which way. A little bit of investigating or just opening our eyes LOL and we were back on the right track again.

rocks and water cockeyed creek mtb ride

The dogs were having a blast – lots of great smells and a nice pace for them to get in a good run. They sure do love running with us when we’re out biking and they must be a couple of the most well-traveled pups, accompanying us on most of our adventures and voyages of discovery. The boys were a great help when it came time for some of the creek crossings – we’d let them go first as they were a good indication of the depth of the water and whether it was likely we’d be able to bike through the creek or more likely to face-plant spectacularly. Thankfully there was no face-planting this time around – has been known to happen in the past though!

creek crossing cock-eyed creek mtb ride

into the water cock-eyed creek mtb ride

This was a taxing ride on the bod – a full body workout with having to pick lines, pedal hard through mud and water, bounce over rocks and boulders. All good fun though and a test of our skills. We’d almost forgotten how much fun this sort of riding is – West Coast riding at its very best. You don’t want to be afraid of getting wet or muddy though as there is plenty of mud oh so glorious mud and the puddles – I call them puddles but don’t know if something 2 foot deep and 50 metres or so long can really count as a puddle!

through the mud cockeyed creek mtb ride

rolling through the bog cock eyed creek mtb ride

a wall of water cock eyed creek mtb ride

Nothing that a little dip in the water at the end, dunking the bike and the legs for a quick clean didn’t fix though. A well rewarded long hot shower when we got home leaving tomorrow for a full service on the bikes. All in all a great day on the bike, a great voyage of rediscovery!

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth. Together with their faithful companions Nico and Ziggy, they enjoy getting out and about and exploring the many wonders that help make up this wonderful region of the West Coast of the Southern Alps.


About coastingnz

Jan and Stephen live on the Punakaiki coastline, north of Greymouth on the West Coast, NZ and run Breakers Boutique Accommodation. They both enjoy the outdoors and are passionate about things to see and do on the West Coast and would like to share their experiences with you.
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13 Responses to Mountain biking Cockeyed Creek – a Voyage of Rediscovery

  1. Reblogged this on Photos That Inspire Words and commented:
    Great travel shot from Coastingnz. What does this make you want to write?


  2. anderscape says:

    Looks quite challenging on a bike. Nice photos!


  3. Pam says:

    Well, it certainly looks challenging but so idyllic. That’s the one big thing about this country, you don’t have to travel far to get your own private space. As always lovely blog and beautiful photos.


    • coastingnz says:

      Thanks Pam! You are so right – hardly any traveling involved if you don’t want to. Sometimes we just need to take the time to explore where we live – always pleasantly surprised.


  4. joshi daniel says:

    nice and cool action pictures 🙂


  5. Mum says:

    Fantastic write up as usaual Jan & magnificent photoghraphy Stephan…


  6. bulldog says:

    Do you get to do rides like this in the middle of winter or is it just too cold on the west coast??


    • coastingnz says:

      winter is a great time on the West Coast – generally. Often some of our best more settled weather – not too cold with temperatures up to 15 and 16 degrees during the day – for us anyway. Some places can start with a frost but not usually for us living by the sea. Good time to visit Rob 🙂


  7. Lauren Slater says:

    This looks a lot like our riding here in Vermont!


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