Jan, Nico and Ziggy - a loving moment

This is Jan and Stephen’s blog.  Jan has relocated to the West Coast from Southland – originally from Invercargill and after spending 18 years in Queenstown.

Stephen is a born and bred “coaster” and together they run Breakers – a boutique accommodation offering bed & breakfast and West Coast hospitality at their beachfront location on the coastline, overlooking the Tasman Sea.  Stephen and Jan both enjoy the outdoors – mountain biking, hiking, surfing, photography and NZ nature.  They share their little piece of paradise with their two faithfully companions Nico the dalmatian and Ziggy the German short-haired Pointer.

Ziggy and Nico taking a break during a spring mountain bike ride on the West Coast

Ziggy and Nico taking a break during a spring mountain bike ride on the West Coast

Through this blog we hope to share our love of the West Coast and bring to you some of its unique features and people – or just ramble on a lot!

sun setting at Breakers in the springtime, West Coast

sun setting at Breakers in the springtime, West Coast


27 Responses to About

  1. Loved the story about your dog that has gone on to doggy heaven. Also love the west coast of New Zealand… having visited there three times… and yes, it is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll be back to yours!

    • coastingnz says:

      Thanks Curt. Enjoyed looking through your blog also. I also have been the West Coast of the US a few times – five times now and will definitely be back. Last time we came with our mountain bikes and that was a great way to see some of the more out of the way places.

  2. Hey Guys, thanks for stopping by to check out my blog, and the follow. It is much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more from you, 🙂

  3. ciao! luvFAB blog.

  4. Beautiful photos! Glad I stopped by. Greetings from Niue!

  5. emeraldwake says:

    Hello,very nice Blog,keep going , Regards form Poland 😀

  6. Sarah says:

    Hi Jan & Stephen – what a great collection of stories and photos of the Coast! I was in Hoki for 4 years before taking off on our big cycling adventure last year. I’m currently working in Wellington but missing the Coast a lot – especially after looking at your blog. Need an adventure back there soon! Sarah

    • coastingnz says:

      Hi Sarah. Thanks for your lovely message. I had a quick look at your blog and it looked like quite the adventure, seeing some wonderful sights and meeting some awesome people. Cycling would have to be the best way to see the world I reckon so good on you for taking the plunge. Enjoy Wellington and in the meantime we’ll keep reminding you of the coast with our discoveries and adventures. 🙂

  7. In two years, if everything is working well, we should spend a year in NZ (a bit for work, a bit for travelling). I’m just amazed with the nature over there. It’s the perfect place to experience raw nature 🙂

    • coastingnz says:

      That sounds very exciting and great to have something to look forward to. We love NZ for the nature – a small country packing a lot of punch over a short distance. Fingers crossed for you for your great adventure.

  8. Hello NZ ! Sooo farawaaayyy ,but always a dream 😉
    Nice dogs ! Nice blog !

    • coastingnz says:

      Thanks for the follow. Good to have dreams and sometimes they do come true but in the meantime we’ll do our best to keep the dreams alive through our photos and adventures.

  9. Fotohabitate says:

    Hi, End Of The World! I was last winter (your sommer 🙂 ) for the first time in New Zealand and I have enjoyed every minute of the magnificent nature! It is nice for me to read your news, because I hope I come again! You can really be very lucky to live in this paradise. Greetings from Germany Simone

  10. pipdg says:

    Hi guys. I love your blog and it always makes me want to spend more time on the West Coast. We’re heading down the coast en route to Central Otago over Easter, back again at the end of the month, staying one night each way at the Top Ten because it will let us stay with our two greyhounds. One day I’d love to book a night in your accommodation though! Any tips for off leash activities? Are we able to take them down on to the beach?

    • coastingnz says:

      Thanks heaps. Jealous of your trip away – love exploring both the West Coast and Central Otago and we too usually always travel with our two boys, holidays just aren’t the same without them. Generally the beaches on the West Coast are dog friendly – particularly Rapahoe beach just down from us – nice and sandy so the dogs will like that under their paws. Also where the Coast to Coast starts is a great sandy beach too. We also like the beach at Ross. There are some good bush walks – Coal Creek Falls in Runanga and Mananui walk just south of Hokitika – through the bush to the beach. Glacier region not so dog friendly. We also usually stop at Boundary Creek reserve/camp ground at the start of Lake Wanaka just after Makarora. Hope that helps and would be great if you do get to stay with us yourselves one day. Only thing to watch out for is if there has been a 1080 drop – there would be signs. Don’t think anything at the moment so you should be ok. Enjoy!

  11. pipdg says:

    Thanks – that sounds great! Will definitely come back and spend some more time in your area. We’ll probably check out Rapahoe beach – so if you see a couple with two greyhounds on the evening of the 16th of April, or the last Friday – do come and say hi! We will probably stop in at Ross as we got stuck there some years ago when our car suffered a fatal breakdown so we want to say hi to the locals who were so helpful. Boundary Creek sounds like it will be a good place to stop too. And yes – will definitely avoid any 1080 drops too. The dogs are really looking forward to hanging out with their Jack Russell ‘uncle’ on my father-in-law’s Central Otago vineyard and chasing a few rabbits.

  12. Hi! Just found your blog and followed it. I know I’m going to enjoy exploring your blogposts as soon as I get time. I’ve had a quick peek and I love your photos and writing! I’m currently from Dunedin and in recent years have lived in Queenstown, Invercargill and then the Catlins before coming here. I’m a new blogger, been on now about 2 months I think, and really enjoy the WordPress community. I’m really happy to find your lovely blog is based from the West Coast because its such a beautiful area!

    • coastingnz says:

      Thanks for following us. Glad you enjoyed your first preview of our site. We love the West Coast and love sharing all it has to offer with others. Helps having a photographer in the household….. We love Dunedin – you’ve got some great street art down your way and we really enjoyed our last visit and exploring some of that street art. Have followed you back and look forward to your postings.

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