Motukeikei Moody Blues

rocky outcrops motukeikei beach

Hard to beat a walk on the beach and a sandy beach at that.  We are so blessed here on the West Coast of the South Island – mile after mile after mile of beautiful beaches I don’t think some of the locals realise what they have at their doorstep.

motukeikei with blue skies

However we do!

Today’s beach walk Motukeikei.  It is a huge contrast to our own beach here at Breakers, Nine Mile beach.  Our beach is predominately a stony beach with scrub land and native bush.

beach reflections motukeikei

Motukeikei is sandy with huge bluffs towering above and wonderful rock formations out to sea.  You can let your imagination run wild with the formations and the shapes they make.

There are three main ways onto the Motukeikei beach and it can pretty much only be accessed at low tide – Nine Mile beach, 12 mile beach or the “secret” track.

motukeikei beach to 10 mile

We have Stacy visiting from Switzerland and she is keen for an explore.  She tried her hand at the Nine Mile beach but although it was low tide the tide wasn’t low enough to allow access from this end so into the car we piled and headed for the “secret” trail.

motukeikei beach

Down the trail and soon enough the rock formations appear in all their glory and onto the beach.  I’m always blown away when the rock formations appear – one minute you’re minding your footing coming down the steep trail and next minute this mind blowing beach and rocky outcrop appears before you.

dogs and jan walking motukeikei beach

With warnings of watch out for the incoming tide, Stacy heads north to explore and we head south.

crazy clouds motukeikei beach

It is a moody day down on the beach with wonderful cloud formations – some very black ones to the north and lots of blue skies looking south.

Ziggy and Nico enjoying beach walk

The boys enjoy the sand under their feet for a change and Ziggy runs like a puppy possessed – oh no wait, he is lol

incoming tide motukeikei beach

It is gorgeous down here but we have to take care ourselves of the incoming tide.  Thank goodness for sand-shoes as try as we might we are soon engulfed by some of the waves.  I always say it is Mother Nature having a good laugh – watching and waiting to see who she can get wet – and just how wet!

guests enjoying motukeikei baech

We meet back up with Stacy – everyone aware that the tide is coming in fast as are the black clouds looming.  Stephen has done most of this photo shoot in black and white so you’ll just have to trust me on this fact!

rocky boulders motukeikei beach

No matter the weather though and no matter the tide always love exploring the Motukeikei beach.  Thanks for the motivation Stacy :-)

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  They enjoy getting out and exploring and sharing their piece of paradise that is the West Coast of the Southern Alps with guests staying at Breakers.

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Pre 1956 MG National Car Rally, Shantytown 2015

pre 1956 MGs at Shantytown

Headed out to Shantytown to take a look at the national pre 1956 MG car rally celebrating their 20th anniversary on the West Coast over the weekend.

pre 1956 MG

mgs amongst the waterwheel

Wonderful venue for some wonderful old cars.

pre 1956 MG car rally at Shantytown

Picture perfect day and great to wander amongst the history – both of Shantytown and the cars on display.

pre 1956 MG car rally

Great array of cars for viewing – all gleaming and glistening in the sunshine.

pre 1956 MGs lined up in front of old buildings Shantytown

classic MGs pre 1956

I swear I wouldn’t want to drive some of these beauties on the road – I’d be too frightened that they’d get damaged.

pre 1956 MG car rally Shantytown

MGs and their tool kits

Shantytown was the perfect location for the display – the historic buildings making a great backdrop.

line up on MGs at Shantytown

kokatahi band at Shantytown

There was entertainment on hand also with the Kokatahi Band and the Greymouth Municipal Brass Band serenading everyone as they wandered amongst the history.

red MGs lined up Shantytown

All in all a great few hours out in the sunshine, surrounded by history and surrounded by beautiful cars.  Thanks Shantytown for hosting the event and to all the owners of the pre 1956 MGs for bringing these gorgeous vehicles along and putting them on display for all to enjoy.

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  They enjoy getting out and about and exploring the many features of the West Coast and supporting local events.  Check out Tourism West Coast for a full list of upcoming events.

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10 Mile Creek Swimming Hole

10 mile creek with the dogs

Another gorgeous day

10 mile creek walk

10 mile creek swimming hole

Another day to visit 10 mile creek swimming hole

10 mile creek Ziggy enjoying water hole

Dogs enjoying just playing in the water

10 mile creek relaxing with Nico

We enjoy just relaxing by the creek.

10 mile hole in the rock

10 mile creek with crazy cloud

Throw in a little walk to the river mouth to get some wonderful coastal views.

10 mile creek to Tasman sea

and then try not to face plant in the water on the way back to our resting spot!

10 mile creek summer rest

Summer sun, somethings began but oh oh those summer………days!  Time to head back to work.

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  Named one of the top ten coastal drives in the world by Lonely Planet – a drive of contrasts, sea views, creek beds and sub tropical rain forest – home!

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Reefton – Town of Light

Broadway - main street Reefton

Welcome to Reefton – town of light.  Reefton was given this slogan due to the fact it was the first town in the Southern Hemisphere to have street lighting.  Says something about the spirit of the community and that spirit continues today.

historic bank building Reefton

If you haven’t figured it out yet we love Reefton and take any excuse for a visit.

Reefton racecourse buildings

Most recent excuse was the annual Reefton Rodeo (in another blog).  A great day out in itself but it was Sunday morning that I enjoyed most.

The Strand river front Reefton

inangahua river Reefton

We took a stroll around the township – first around the “town centre” and the river front and then down some of the residential streets.

swingbridge over inangahua river at Reefton

Reefton is such a pretty little town nestled on the edge of the Inangahua River – a great playground for kids and adults alike. Swimming holes aplenty to help cool you off on the those wonderful summer days.

old tractors in the garden Reefton

Wandering around the residential area was great fun, very peaceful and we came across some wonderful garden “ornaments”.

old tractors in someones garden Reefton

They may look like they’ve just been left to rot away but the lawns are neatly tended and love the strategically placed new fruit trees.

historic house reefton

old commodore truck Reefton

There are some wonderful character buildings, vehicles and homes in Reefton but most importantly it is the people……

biker chick broadway - main street, Reefton

Both the people who live here and the people who visit – I think Reefton attracts a laid back attitude, you just feel relaxed here.  We met this gorgeous lady as she was mounting her bike heading off for the days travel.  Visiting from Scotland – 12th time her and her husband had visited NZ, cycling around the country.  Ready – now in their early 80s!  Talk about inspirational.  They love NZ, love the South Island and loved their visit to Reefton – let’s face it, what’s not to love!

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  They enjoy getting out and about and exploring the many wonders that help make up this beautiful region of NZ.  West Coast – named by Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2014 as one of the top 10 destinations to visit in the world.

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Reefton Rodeo – a Stomping Good Time

bull riding reefton rodeo

on the ground bull riding reefton rodeo

Back at Reefton recently but this time for the annual Reefton Rodeo.

off the bull bull riding reefton rodeo

Still haven’t decided if I like these things or not.  I think not for animal rights reasons but then I think I do because undoubtably the animals come out the winners – and I like that!

off the bull reefton rodeo

It is an overcast day but still a lovely summer’s day in Reefton.  In fact the cloud helps to keep us cool rather than being out in the full sunshine all day.

crowd at reefton rodeo

There is a good crowd here to watch the antics of the rodeo.

calf riding reefton rodeo

calf riding at reefton rodeo

The calves for the calf riding are all very cute but looked rather perplexed after their short excursion.  The young riders don’t last long at all on the calves back  and are unceremonially dumped very early on.

bare back horse riding reefton rodeo

There is horse bare back riding and I think this is the only time a human comes out the winner.

bare back riding reefton rodeo

The horse does his best to dislodge the rider but he hangs on and then does a beautiful dismount onto the horse wranglers stead to safety.

safely off bare back horse riding reefton rodeo

The rider gets a huge round of applause from the crowd for his stirling effort.

round the barrels reefton rodeo

barrel racing for horse reefton rodeo

Next up it is the girls for the barrel race.  This one I really like.  The girls are great with their horses, giving lots of encouragement and a nice pat at the end for a job well done.

barrel racing reefton rodeo

They steer them nicely around the barrels and race for home.

the bulls reefton rodeo

Soon enough it is time for the big boys  – the last event for the day, the bull riding and oh la la these bulls are huge.  They are released into the arena for the crowd to see and a couple of them are right grumpy looking – this is going to be interesting…..

hanging on reefton rodeo

in the dirt reefton rodeo bull riding

Interesting indeed – these big boys are very unimpressed with having a lump on top of them trying to ride them.  Many of the contestants don’t last long at all – great for the spectators not so good for the contestants.

legs in the air bull riding reefton rodeo

Time for us to head to the Broadway Tearooms and Bakery, something sweet is calling my name.

bull riding at the reefton rodeo

As far as the Rodeo though, another great day out, and the results – animals 19, humans 1, just the way I like it!

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  They enjoy getting out and about and supporting local events.  There is often something happening on the West Coast – check out West Coast of Southern Alps for full details.



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Early Morning Magic – Nine Mile Beach

early morning off the rocks nine mile

While I organised myself for the morning’s guest breakfasts Stephen and the boys headed down to the beach to watch the sun come up.

off the rocks nine mile

Stunning summer’s morning with clear blue skies.

dogs fishing early morning nine mile beach

The boys enjoyed hanging out on the rocks and trying their hand (paws) at fishing – or at least looking anyway.

star fish and mussels nine mile rocks

Plenty of star fish out and lovely reflections in the rock pools.

early morning on the mussel beds nine mile

Just a little sea mist hanging in the air but once the sun came up over the mountains……..

sunrise nine mile beach great coast road

We’ll just let the photos tell the story.

sunrise great coast road nine mile beach

nine mile beach at sunrise

A magic morning in paradise – Nine Mile Beach, Great Coast Road.

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  Named by Lonely Planet as one of the top ten coastal drives in the world – home sweet home.


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Rewanui Incline in the Summer Sunshine

rewanui incline with coloured wild flowers

oh summer sun so lovely to see you and feel your warmth on my back as I walk.


enjoying walk up rewanui incline

We’re heading up Rewanui Incline in the hills behind Dunnolie.  This is coal mining country and we’re following the old incline from the railway that serviced the coal mines up the valley.

tunnel of love walking rewanui incline

It is so beautiful up here – gorgeous colours with orange and yellow meadow flowers in bloom, wonderful contrasts of green in the native bush and grass and then the deep blue skies above.  Not to mention that great big yellow thing high in the sky.

Rewanui incline with views to Mt Davey

We have vistas to die for, heading deep into the valley with the river gorge below.  The incline takes us through two tunnels and offers great views up to Mt Davey.

cyclists on rewanui incline

It is nice to see some others out enjoying the sunshine.  This little girl was having a blast with her Granddad – great way to get kids making the most of the outdoors.

boys cooling off rewanui incline walk

Feeling hot, hot, hot, hot……  Our kids were feeling the heat so we did out best to find them a bit of water for a cooling off  mid way up.

rewanui incline valley walk

Back on the trail and it is so peaceful up here.  Nice to be having a good leg stretch and I’d forgotten how much I love it up the valley.  We come up here quite often on our mountain bikes – well I say we, that has been a while for me too.  It has certainly got quite overgrown since my last visit – the summer growth is very noticeable.

boys enjoying creek at top of rewanui incline

Just before we reach the top Stephen says “oh I didn’t realise we would be walking the whole way up” – now he tells me!

The boys are just as happy to reach the turn-around point as we are and they are rewarded with a frolic in the creek to help cool them down.

lunchtime rewanui incline walk

This is also our lunch stop and the boys take a stay of execution from their creek frolicking on the off-chance there may be something in the lunch bag for them.

leaving the creek rewanui incline walk

rewanui incline walk dunnolie

refueled, rehydrated and a little rested it is time to start the walk back down the incline.

walk up the valley rewanui incline

It is every bit as beautiful on the way back down as the way up – I keep saying up and down, it isn’t a mountain climb, just the gentle gradient of the incline – remembering it used to be a railway line for a coal train so couldn’t be too steep.  More noticeable that you are gentling climbing when you are on your bike that is for sure.  For walking it is just a really nice leg stretch.

tunnel on rewanui incline walk

Some misty clouds roll in through the valley on our way back down which is actually really nice for walking.  Back through the tunnels.

wildflowers rewanui incline walk

and finally back through the colourful wild flowers.  Aaahhh feeling refreshed and ready to greet our new guests for the evening.

Jan and Stephen run Breakers Boutique Accommodation on the Great Coast Road north of Greymouth.  Together with their faithful friends Nico and Ziggy, they enjoy getting out and about and exploring the wonder that is the West Coast of the Southern Alps.

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