A quick bit of Mountain Biking Exercise

Time to get out on our bikes again and take a run up one of our favourite rides.  The Bundy mountain bike trail in the back of Camerons, just south of Greymouth is a great ride – easily accessible and a good all round work out.  It never ceases to amaze me the actual work out you get on this ride.  We tackle it with gusto to start with, forgetting that while the recovery at the end is fast coming, the ride itself makes you work – what I am trying to admit to, is that before I know it, I am huffing and puffing…..

We park the van on the road side and then head up the steep gravel 4WD track on the right hand side.  Gotta keep your wits about you on this section as it is nice and rocky – loose rocky, enough to keep you honest.  Have to ensure you start in the right gear as you won’t have an opportunity to change without stopping – not very forgiving in here.  I find it is a matter of taking my time, picking my lines and keeping my rhythm nice and even.  Whew, made it!  Always stoked when I make the first section.  Next 3 or so kms are a gradual incline along a slowly deteriorating 4WD track.  Each time we come up here the track is getting a few more ruts and more loose, making it that little bit more challenging with each ride.

Jan on the single track section of the Bundy

Eventually the trail turns to single track – still gradually climbing and winding your way around the ridgeline before it meets up again with more 4WD track.  This track is still used by the logging traffic so is more like a 4WD road than a track.  It is relatively flat now – in comparison to the previous bit of riding so far anyway.  Not for long though as soon enough we turn off and start heading up up up again.  Still 4WD road, but big, loose rocks so once again having to pick the right lines and keep your rhythm nice and even.  The track climbs around to the top of the next ridge and then we start the descent.

Last time we rode up here, the descent was almost back to single track which was great fun picking your way down through the gorse and overhanging branches of trees.  The loggers must have been up here recently though as it is cleared now and makes for a fast descent.  The track is what I would call grippy so easy to get some speed up and nothing too loose as yet to worry about.  I’m sure it won’t take long though and more care will have to be taken on the way down – for me anyway – I’m sure some will still “bomb” down.  This section is known locally as Gordy’s and it soon meets with the main logging road at the bottom.

We then meander around in the forest before briefly meeting the main sealed road.  A quick sharp left turn and we are stay on the gravel logging road – called the middle roads as it eventually meets back up at the first top ridgeline.  First up though a good hill climb – no gentle incline here – you know you are climbing.  It isn’t a long climb though, about 10-15minutes but it feels like longer with 2 false tops just to keep you guessing.  Once at the top the road carries on for about 1km before it meets with the first ridgeline and we then turn right and head back to the single track but this time instead of a gradual incline, it is a good fun meander downhill.

Stephen and I have the dogs with us – of course as they aren’t usually too far from us and love to go running while we mountain bike.  They do their best to race us down but soon get pull over to let us past when they hear the sound of our tyres right behind them.

We managed to get our timing all wrong on our ride today with the weather.  Didn’t matter, made the final single track back out all the more fun – we just ended up wet and muddy.  All back to the van though safe and sound and pleasantly fatigued.  Another great ride on our favourite trail.

For other great rides on the West Coast check out the activities page on Breakers website

About coastingnz

Jan and Stephen live on the Punakaiki coastline, north of Greymouth on the West Coast, NZ and run Breakers Boutique Accommodation. They both enjoy the outdoors and are passionate about things to see and do on the West Coast and would like to share their experiences with you.
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